A Day in the Life of A Ghanaian

accra tro-tro hawkers
Price Per Person for 4 travelers: $1710

Price Per Person for 2 travelers: $1940

Price Per Person for a single traveler:$2180

12 Days of experiencing the life of Ghanaians in three of the major cities in Ghana: Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi.  You will get to see most of the major tourist destinations, while having a day in the life day, where you will have an extended shadowing session with a local and doing their profession and stay in a home-stay.

What better way to get a feel for a country and its people then rolling up your sleeves and experiencing what they do every day to put food on their table and earn a living. This Adventure will allow you to do this. The trip will take you from Accra to Cape Coast and then Kumasi often called the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, three very popular places to visit but this will be unlike any tour you have seen before. In each area you will have to time to get a good feel for the community, and see some of the popular sights like castles, markets, a national park, and the beaches. The twist is that in each location you will have a full day of experiencing the working life of Ghanaians in some of the notable occupations in the area.

Any money made during the occupational experiences will be given to the occupational host. Non-residence are not allowed to work for pay.

ghana wood carver

Itinerary Summary

Day 1: Arrive in Accra, settle into your accommodations at pink hostel.

Day 2: Introduction to Accra, visit some of the highlights.

Tro-Tro Mate GhanaDay 3: Day in the life day, morning will be spent manning the door of a tro-tro as a mate, afternoon will be spent hawking wares in Makola market. In the evening you will meet your host family for a homestay.

Day 4: Leaving Accra behind, you will travel down the coast line visiting a beach community and then checking into accommodations at Anomabu Beach Resort near Cape Coast.

Day 5: Spend a day exploring the streets of Cape Coast, visit the castle, and spend some time on the beach.

Day 6: Visit Kakum National Park in the morning, and then Domana Rock Shrine in the afternoon.

Cape Coast GhanaDay 7: Day in the life day, you will be learning how to Batik a style of putting patterns and picture on cloth similar to tie-dye but wax is used to control the dye. Spend the night in a homestay.

Day 8: Drive to Kumasi, have lunch in the city and explore the market. Stay the night at Four Villages Inn.

Day 9: Get to know Kumasi better, the center of the Ashanti Empire. Start the day at the cultural center, then take some cooking classes in the afternoon.

Day 10: Day in the life day you will have a couple of options for the day. You can either spend the day at the wood carving market learning about the different woods used,

kente weaving ghana

traditional symbols and carving and basic carving technique. Or spend the day on a cocoa farm learning about where chocolate comes from and getting a little dirty helping out around the farm. Or head to Adanwamonse to learn about kente cloth and give weaving a try. Like the other day in the life days it will be concluded with another home stay.

Day 12: Return drive to Accra, taking a detour to the Cedi bead factory where you can see how beads are made from glass bottles and get some great gifts to take home to people. Stay the last night again at Pink Hostel again.

What does this tour include?

This tour includes:

  • Transportation during the length of the tour while in Ghana
  • Driver/Guide
  • Accommodations including home stays
  • The day in the life experiences
  • Breakfast

What does this tour not include?

You will be responsible for the following costs:

  • Airfare to and from Ghana (usually around $1300 to $2000)
  • Activities and entrance fees (budget around $200)
  • Tips
  • Lunch and Dinner (budget around $325)
  • Survivors and crafts
  • Travel Insurance



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