Hans Cottage Botel, Ghana

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This is a wonderful place to stay for visitors to both Cape Coast and Kakom National Park. Located on the Kakum road between Cape Coast and Kakum it is quiet but still within close proximity to all the attractions in the most popular tourist area in Ghana. We are unsure of what a Botel is but we imagine that it has to do with the structure of the restaurant that is built out over a pond. One of the attractions of this place, that makes it particularly memorable to everyone that stays here is that in this pond has about 12 crocodiles living in it, along with turtles and some colorful fish. It is possible to eat dinner within 10 feet of one of these giant animals sunning themselves on of the little islands in the pond. Bird lovers will also enjoy the colony of Common weavers in the trees above the pond with their idyllic hanging homes.

Less impressive architecturally are the blocks of rooms which are the typical Ghanaian concrete buildings. There are about 3 different blocks of rooms that come in different levels, there are full suites with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. They also offer two room suites, and standard rooms. For those a little more on a budget there are rooms without air conditioning, and ones that have shared bathrooms and baths.

Besides enjoying the wild life around the pond there is also a great clean pool, games, darts, ping pong, tennis, and opportunities for wild life walks on the property.

The restaurant offers tasty meals of both western and Ghanaian variety at affordable prices. The lobster is definitely recommended.

This is a very popular place to stay with many Ghanaians, tourists and even researchers to the Kakum national park. There are some reports that cleanliness and services have fallen in recent years. We will be making sure that things are up to speck on out visit to Hans Cottage in January.


Aspects of evaluation that helped raise Hans Cottage Botel Score:

  • 100% Locally owned

  • Buy local supplies avoiding products made from endangered or threatened species including bush meats.

  • Pay of competitive wages, above minimum wage.

  • Contribute to conservation projects.

  • Responsible and correct disposal of waste.

  • Have timers on lights and AC in low use areas.

  • Great education to staff and guests about conserving energy and water.

  • Use of solar panels and other alternative energy.

  • Use of Biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • Hand washing or use of low energy machines for laundry.

  • Aesthetics blend into the surrounding native aesthetics.

  • Use of organic fertilizers and no chemical pesticides or herbicides.

  • Serve locally sourced foods and local dishes.

  • Have a compost program.


Aspects of evaluation that brought Hans Cottage Botel’s score down:

  • Do not have refillable soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers.

  • No automatic shut off on sinks.

  • Do not provide that many eco-friendly night activities.

  • Lack of a gray water system.

  • Lack encouragement of guests going to natural areas to abide by a pack in pack out policy.

Please take a look at our Ghana Adventures, and we can work this accommodation into one of our tours if you like.  We would also be happy to tailor make an adventure just for you including this lodge.

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