Aburi Botanical Gardens

Situated in the hills about 39km north east of Accra, Aburi botanical Gardens boasts a variety of different plants that thrive in the slightly more temperate climate in the elevation of the hills. What make Aburi so great is its proximity to Accra which makes it a great day trip out of the capital. The gardens were founded in the time of English colonialism and is somewhat of a relic of that time but it is a great place to see a number of the plants, and trees that are indigenous to the area which are clearly labeled and easily viewed within the gardens. There are a number of other plants from around the world also which makes this site interesting.

The grounds of the gardens cover about 160 aches but only about 3 aches have been developed into the formal gardens which can be visited. The gardens are shaded by the large trees making for a cool peaceful place to enjoy the beautiful plants. You will feel this as soon as you drive into the gardens along the palm lined avenue.

Not only is this a great place to visit but it is also the home to an initiative to support conservation in the area along with an extension of cultivation of traditional medicinal plants.

Please enjoy some of the pictures of the Gardens here on this page, to learn more about Aburi Botanical Garden please visit this website http://www.unep-wcmc.org/species/plants/ghana/aburi.htm. This is a destination in some of our Ghana tours which are listed below:

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