Sekondi and Takoradi

Locals here say that the best comes from the west, and being the capital of the western region this must be a testament to their lovely city. Takoradi is a very important economic center of the country being it was the only deep water port for a long time until Tema harbor was built. Most of the countries cocoa and gold are funneled through here to the port and exported out of the country. Now it has become the capital for black gold (oil) in Ghana too, with the oil discover and subsequent drilling that has taken place off of Cape Three Points just a little ways down the coast. What used to be a sleepy, relaxed, business port town, is now teaming with SUVs and white trucks with company insignias on the door with some sort of relation to oil industry. Real estate prices, and accommodation prices have sky rocketed, there are rumors that some estate compounds are renting for upward of $7000 a month now to expat oil workers.

All this aside Takoradi is a great city to visit while passing through to the western coast of Ghana. There is talk of a new international airport here which would really open up the western coast to more visitors and tourism opportunities for those that do not want to make the drive from Accra. There are not any real stand alone tourist sites in the city but there are a few attractions. Monkey hill is a park sanctuary in the middle of the city that has a large population of protected monkeys living in it, and would be a good place to visit for primate lovers. Beyond that the only other major draw is the wide variety of restaurants including a number of great sea food restaurants. One of these sea food restaurants Captain Hooks offers deep sea fishing expeditions and whale watching trips.

Back in 2005 I said if I were to live in a city in Ghana again I would want to live in Takoradi, this was before oil and I have changed my mind on this. The city is so much more busy now and traffic is getting out of control it is not like the sleepy little port town it used to be.

Below are the tours that we offer that go through Takoradi.  Remember that we can always tailor make a tour just for you that includes Takoradi as destination.  If you have been to Takoradi, please share about your experience in the comment section below.

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