Labadi Beach, Ghana

Labadi Beach is probably the most well-known beach in Accra with not a lot of pristine competition. Most of the beaches in Accra have been relatively ignored and are surrounded by residential and shanty towns rather than posh hotels. Labadi is the exception to this with a couple of hotels lining the daily manicured and cleaned beach including the Royal Palm Hotel and Labadi Hotel. Unfortunately they are both very expensive and foreign owned.

The beach is very popular on the weekend with most of the chairs filled at each of the bars along the way. It is also reasonably clean for swimming and relatively safe to do so between the flags that mark the safe area. It is probably not advisable to swim after a heavy rain or when the lagoon nearby is emptying into the ocean which can make the water and beach dirty. There is usually a small entry fee to the beach, once there you will have a choice of many different places to sit each belonging to a bar or restaurant. The food and drinks are a little more expensive but manageable.

Be warned that this being a popular place for tourists there is potential that working girls will approach you to peddle their services or young men looking for a foreign girlfriend; there are also a number of musicians and kids doing tricks looking for pay outs. It is ok to politely decline all of these services, if you enjoy a performance or some drumming though feel free to compensate.

Some nights and on the weekends there are musical performances on a beach side stage here which creates a fun environment for meeting people and dancing.

Generally if you are looking for a good beach time it is suggested that you look outside Accra and further down the coast to the West. Within a day trip area of Accra there are a number of nice beaches, these include around Kokrobite, and Gomoa Fete.

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