Kokrobite, Ghana


Kokrobite is probably the nicest beach and beach community in close proximity to Accra. Because of it only being 30km from Accra, it is a popular tourist spot and weekend spot for people from the city. On the flip side it means there are a number of great little places to stay and a number of things to do. Kokrobite beach is wonderful for a dip but you must be very careful about the rip tides, you should also be careful about leaving your things on the beach there is increased occurrences of petty crime just like anywhere that is frequented by a number of tourists anywhere in the world. Some common sense and some caution and your visit to Kokrobite will be most enjoyable. There is word thought that the construction of a local police department has helped in this.

Lining the beach at Kokrobite are a number of places to stay which often sport bars and restaurants for a nice variety of things to eat. In the evenings there is also often drumming and dancing.

A little to the west of Kokrobite is the world famous Academy of African Music and Arts (AAMA), which offers lodging, drumming and dancing shows, and for the people who want more of an experience they also offer longer opportunities to learn drumming and dancing.

In addition to the great beach, food and music culture, this is a perfect place to watch fishermen at work, and potentially see some turtle nesting if you are there the right time of the year.

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