Ada, Ghana

Ada is about 100km from Accra and is a great destination for weekend trips out of the city. The whole area around the Volta River Delta offers many activities for visitors, with plenty of water abound. This area has typically been more popular with Ghanaian holiday travelers than international visitors but is a great place to visit for both. There are so many ways to get on the water and enjoy it hear, there is sailing with the Accra sailing club, motor boats, game fishing, and trips on local canoes.

The close proximity the Volta river mouth and a number of wetlands, provides many day trip activities for travelers staying at the many wonderful beach front lodges. This area is truly a bird watchers paradise with the close proximity to Songor Ramsar Lagoon, where there are a number of bird watching platforms, you can find more at Pute, and Lolonya. From September to January is a perfect time to visit because there are so many different types of birds wintering in this area, this season is also the nesting time for the Green and Olive Rigley turtles and it is possible to see them nesting on the beaches. Crocodile Island is a great day trip from Ada, this island in the middle of the Volta River and is home to people who are master basket weavers and Palm Wine distillers. There are also a fair number of birds that winter on the island.

To see more of the Volta River you can take a ferry boat from Ada to Akuse that will wind its way up the green forested banks of the lower Vola. Either on the way or leaving Ada, the community of Sogakope is worth a visit, enjoy a lunch of Ostrich Steak sustainable produced at a local farm or hit the market to browse the selection of black pottery.

Places to stay in the area:

  • Dreamland Beach Resort

  • Meet Me there Beach Resort

  • Cocoloko Beach Resort

  • Tsarsley Kopey Resort

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