Gomoa Fete, Ghana

Gomoa Fete:

A little further down the coast west of Krokrobite and Accra is the wonderful beach community of Gomoa Fete. Gomoa is located on an elevated cape extending into the ocean. On the west side of the cape is a long strait beach and the beach resort Tills #1 owned by a German gentleman. On the tip of the cape is what used to be White Sands Beach resort which was a great little place to stay on a weekend away from the city. It is now said to be a private resort only for people with a membership. The village of Gomoa is a mix of colonial architecture and the typical Ghanaian concrete homes. Most of the homes and buildings are along the one or two streets that run through the town on the steep hill. This road has seen better days and erosion really seems to be a problem in the village. Where things are level there are clusters of clay ovens with read mats that are placed on top for smoking fish.

To the East of the cape is the most picturesque little cove with an old fishing trawler ship wrecked into the bank and rusted out. This is also the let out to the lagoon just inland. If you can get out onto this cape beyond the fishing drawler with out paying your life away to White Sands there is the most wonderful little beach cove and fishing spot. It would be possible to spend all day here without a second thought. This is also were the locals get buckets of water for their domestic use from a little fresh water spring that runs out of the hill side into a catch basin.

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