Senya Bereku

Senya Bereku:

Known as Gomoa Feta’s sister village it is the next village to the West of Gomoa about 10 km away and set up in a similar fashion. This village is also built on a cape with the main difference being that in Senya there is a good sized well restored fort, Fort Good Hope on the point that stretches into the sea. In addition on the fort there are a number of idyllic churches in the town. Unlike Gomoa thought here is not as much of a draw here for people to enjoy the beach. The beach right below the fort is a working beach for fisherman so not that great to lounge around. The beach past that is the villages restroom so no explanation needed there as to why it wouldn’t be that great to spend time at.

There are also not really any good places to stay, there is the fort but for some people staying in a slave fort does not sound like the nicest accommodations. There are those people that come to stay specifically in the fort because is said to be haunted and at night is when it gets interesting, and this is a draw for some people. I have stayed in the fort it was pretty basic with shared bathroom and showers for the rooms along the top of the eastern wall. The view is great overlooking the beach and the food is pretty decent.

A short video of Fort Good Hope

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