Shai Hills Reserve

Originally the home of the Shai people and used during colonialism as a last stand and hiding place for these people, it is even possible to see remains of this in the reserve today. More recently the area was turned into a resource reserve, which has populations of baboons, and other wild life. Its proximity to Accra makes for a great day visit or the start of a longer journey.

There is a series of roads and trails through the park that makes the area very accessible to people. One of the highlights of the area is a cave which was used by the elders of the Shai people as a hide out and last defense against colonialism, traces of this settlement can still be seen today. There is also a large bat colony in this cave that are pretty much un-detectable until you flash your camera and see all the glowing eyes looking back at you. Just make sure you are not standing in any ant hills while enjoying the scenery.

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